Flight Attendant Marlon Singleton Shares His Dream to Fly

Marlon Singleton
LAX-based Flight Attendant, Marlon Singleton.

From New Orleans to now calling Los Angeles—The City of Dreams home, Compass Airlines Flight Attendant Marlon Singleton shares the moment he knew that a career in the sky was perfect for him.

What inspired you to become a flight attendant with Compass Airlines?

I quickly discovered in college that Kinesiology, the major that I had chosen, was not quite my passion. I loved music, helping people, and lived my life as a socialite. When I came across the opportunity to fly for Compass, I knew that I loved to travel and would enjoy meeting new people each day.  However, it wasn’t until my five-week training in Minneapolis that I saw flight attendants in a new light. The job isn’t what you see. The role is chameleon-like and I gained a new respect for the varied work that flight attendants do each day. This is why I completed the program and I’m still a flight attendant today!

“My high school counselor told me to find a career that I loved so that it wouldn’t feel like work.”

What do you love best about Compass?

Mainline carriers have approached me, but I love the small family atmosphere and camaraderie at Compass. You are not a number. I like and appreciate that!  With our phones, we have the world at our fingertips, and as a flight attendant for Compass Airlines, I can literally travel the world and truly have it at my fingertips.  Being a flight attendant is a lifestyle. I love the lifestyle.

 “Whatever you do, do it well! At Compass, we are a team and each person needs the next one to perform well as a unit.

What would you tell children who dream a career in aviation?

Aviation is a great industry with lots of longevity! Whether you want to be a graphic designer or pilot there is a place for you. For me, coming to work at Compass each day feels like I’m going to hang out with some friends. I have the opportunity to have the entire globe at my fingertips. The opportunities are endless, and I’m glad to be a part of this amazing team and network of thinkers.

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