A Day In The Life Of A Compass Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant has its share of unique perks as well as tremendous responsibilities. From traveling to some of the most beautiful cities to tending to passenger medical emergencies inflight—the role of a Flight Attendant is complex and varied.  Read more to learn what keeps Compass Flight Attendant, Tomoko Klemp, energized, excited and eager to serve.

Compass LAX-based Flight Attendant, Tomoko Klemp.

Tomoko begins her workday arriving to her base, LAX airport, an hour before her departure flight. When she arrives, she waits for her crew, assists passengers in the gate area, and completes her checklist of tasks before boarding time. Understanding that preparation is a key factor in her daily routine, Tomoko seeks to obtain as much information about her passengers prior to departure.

“If I see a mother traveling with small children, I make a mental note to help her carry her luggage and ensure that her car seat or stroller are tagged.  I also make time to escort them to their seat,” Tomoko said. “My goal is always to keep the passengers’ needs first and to ensure that they have a pleasant traveling experience. I want them to feel welcomed and remain a loyal customer.”

Once Tomoko steps foot onto Compass’ Embraer-175 aircraft she begins conducting her pre-flight tasks, receives a briefing from the Captain, and coordinates passengers’ information with the gate agent. Tomoko also takes time to ensure that the aircraft is presentable, prepares pre-departure beverages, and double-checks her appearance to make sure that she always looks professional.

Tomoko during one of her flights.

“Since there are numerous tasks that go into boarding my flight, I take pride in planning and preparing because I like to always be one step ahead,” Tomoko said. “My time is usually limited to five-to-ten minutes and I always want to have order within each task I complete.”

To become a Flight Attendant with Compass, qualified applicants are invited to an invitation-only informational session where they are provided with a comprehensive overview of Flight Attendant requirements and expectations. To be considered for an invitation, aspirants are asked to complete an online application beforehand. After the informational session, successful candidates will be made offers and invited to training.

“My training was a total of four weeks where I had the opportunity to dive into the particulars of what it takes become a professional and successful flight attendant,” Tomoko said. “The training was fun and intense, but I completed it with great success because of the great flight instructors and supportive classmates that I had.”

Times flies when you’re living out your passion and enjoy your work. For almost four and a half years Tomoko has remained a dedicated and loyal employee of Compass’ Flight Attendant team.

Tomoko and other crew members take a photo at LAX.

“I love flying on the Embraer-175 because it provides me with the opportunity to personally serve 76 passengers and form a sense of rapport with them,” Tomoko said. “Compass also supplies me with opportunities to grow throughout numerous areas of the company. Working as a SAFA, IOE Instructor and Linecheck Flight Attendant expands my coaching skills and leadership skills.”

Traveling across the globe with flight benefits is one of the biggest advantages that Tomoko appreciates within the Flight Attendant lifestyle. Tomoko’s favorite place to travel is Tokyo, which is the hometown of her parents.

“I love to visit Tokyo because it is where I was raised, and my parents still live there. It’s always a great time to see my parents and make new memories with them,” Tomoko said. “Maldives and South Asia are additional destinations that I like to visit because the scenery is beautiful, and the culture is extremely intriguing.”

Tomoko and other crew members pose for a candid photo.

After more than ten years of working experience as a Flight Attendant, Tomoko encourages new flight attendants to be open to diverse people and experiences and to practice juggling a variety of tasks.

“Compass is a regional airline that is full of diversity, which is great! The ability to work well with others who are different from you plays a significant role in your daily interactions with passengers,” Tomoko said. “When you become a flight attendant your job title isn’t just limited to one role. You may have to work as a server, provide first-aid assistance or even be a listening ear for a passenger. Working as Flight Attendant is bigger than unloading luggage and escorting passengers to their seats, it’s about leaving an impression and making an impact on people’s lives that they’ll always remember.

For more information regarding our flight attendant careers, visit http://www.compassairline.com/careers/Pages/Flight-Attendants-.aspx

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