Compass Captain Inspires Los Angeles Girls to Pursue Aviation

More than 30 girls from the after school enrichment program, LA’s Best, were invited to join Compass’ Flight Operations team at Women in Aviation’s annual Girls in Aviation Day. As the girls arrived at the airport, some for the first time, they were given a boarding pass to walk through security. The girls took a tour of the airport, ate lunch on an aircraft, toured the SOC, and assisted with boarding a departing flight. Compass Captain Laura Miner was thrilled to participate in the day. Read more to learn how she was impacted and was also able to leave a lasting impression on the lives of these young ladies.

Captain Miner, how did you get your start in aviation?

My father took me to visit a lot of military bases when I was younger during our road trips and that’s when I became interested in airplanes. I then went to the Aviation Camp Education (ACE Camp) while in high school and found mentors who taught me all about aviation and how to get involved. After that I was hooked on it and decided to go to college for it.

Captain Laura Miner participated in this year’s Girls In Aviation Day.

Why do you take the time each year to participate in events like Girls in Aviation Day?

I am a part of the local Los Angeles Women in Aviation group and have been a board member of the group for 4-years. This event is associated with Women in Aviation International and has been a joy to participate in. When I was younger, I had mentors and I believe it’s now my duty to pay it forward and mentor other young women interested in my career field.  I look forward to these events, because it’s always a good time!

Members from Compass’ Flight Operations team spent the day educating the young ladies of the after school enrichment program LA’s Best about the aviation industry.

How did the day impact the young ladies who attended?

The most memorable moment of this year was at the end when a group of young girls came up and hugged me! They said thank you for such a great day and for showing us something we’ve never had the opportunity to see and experience before. One young lady also shared that after learning so much, she would like to become a pilot.

How does Girls in Aviation Day impact you?

It really is eye opening to see how one day can change someone’s life forever! Educating and providing an awareness opportunity for girls to participate in these experiences can contribute to their career path choices in the future. A previous attendee who didn’t quite know how to get into flying has moved on to gain her licenses. Seeing these girls smile, also makes me smile. It’s the least I can do to spend some time throughout my year to give back.

compass female pilots
The ladies of Compass’ Flight Operations team were all smiles at Women in Aviation International’s annual Girls In Aviation Day.

What do you hope that each attendee takes away with her from the day?  

I hope that each girl understands that anything is possible and to not be afraid to go after what you want. Working hard will only provide you with what you dream!

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