Student Aviators Take the First Step Toward a Rewarding Career With Compass Airlines

Flying for a top regional airline is within arm’s reach through the Compass Ambassador Program. Since the program’s inception last semester, 45 students have taken the first step toward a rewarding aviation career. Students pilots are given the tremendous opportunity to work part-time with Compass while working towards their ATP/RATP minimums on their college campuses. Ambassadors host informational sessions and assist with the recruiting department with events. Upon completion of the program and once minimums are met, Ambassadors are offered a First Officer position with Compass. Read more to learn why one of our participants loves the Ambassador Program and how to become an Ambassador.

As a Compass Ambassador, Deicoh Florentine appreciates her experiences and sees the position as a stepping stone to advance her career.

deicoh multiengine checkride
Compass Ambassador Deicoh Florentine was all smiles when she passed her commercial multi-engine checkride.

“I enjoy being a part of the Ambassador Program because it is a fun job and it provides me with a tremendous network at the company that I desire to fly for,” Deicoh said.

The Ambassador Program assists students in building a strong, professional career. Compass pilot recruiters search for top candidates when they hire Ambassador Program participants, because the student aviators will ultimately become Compass First Officers.

“When our program was implemented, it was created to provide promising student pilots with an inside look into our flight operations and show them how we recruit pilots,” Hannah Ross, Compass Pilot Recruiter said. “We focus on building Ambassador leadership skills, so that they become the best aviation professionals.”

Compas Ambassadors
Deicoh pictured with other Compass Ambassadors.

To become a Compass Ambassador, students must have a private pilot’s license, an aspiration of becoming a pilot, a great GPA, and a well-organized resume. Other requirements include holding a valid first-class medical certificate.

“We’re so excited to have the Compass Ambassadors aboard our team,” Hannah said. “These young aviators are promising candidates who will serve well as Compass First Officers once their requirements are met.”

Deicoh expects to have a smooth transition into First Officer training. After completing her journey with Compass, Deicoh aspires to fly with Delta Air Lines.

“Working with Delta is my ultimate dream, because it is one of the leading major carriers. I know that working with Compass will help me to grow further into my career aspirations and help me to explore the world of commercial aviation.” Deicoh said.

deicoh single engine add-on checkride
Deicoh passed her commercial single engine add-on checkride.

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